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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garden of Tales

Inspired by children’s love for fairy tales in which vivid descriptions guide their imagination, this garden strives to create an experience that leaves us in anticipation of the next magical moment.

Nestied within this garden are several clues for different fairy tales waiting to be discovered. The tales are re-created and re-imagined while still retaining the familiar and memorable characters.

Each tale is framed as a scene, like a window to another world, tempting us to peek into different realms of magic, mystery and wonder. Individually, each garden stands on its own, like an artist's painting. Collectively, the gardens form a collage of beautiful art pieces that come alive.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upturned splendour

Uprooted trees and broken surfaces of the earth are natural disasters. Yet at the same time, these are not a common sight; they do not form our usual pretty picture of this world. “Upturned Splendour” reconstructs the beauty that tree and our land possess as the essential sources of life that we have taken for granted.

Reminiscent of a wild meadow, this display illustrates how beauty can be found everywhere, even on a landscape that has been “destroyed”. For that is the essence of nature that life renews itself.

“Upturned Splendour” illuminates the power we have to see and create beauty in the unlikeliest situations, the same power, to live in harmony with Nature, that we should master, not abuse.

Monday, July 23, 2012


这里的环境不错,尤其是雨后,树上的果子还停留了雨珠儿,拍起照来,很好看!同事们放工后聚在一起喝啤酒,吃“手指餐”(Finger Food),聊聊天,也算是解压吧!就是有人不解风情,硬要在这个时候谈公事。。。我喝我的柳橙汁。后来来了只很会撒娇又势力的“猫”还要我们拍照,我说不要把我放上非死不可哦!