Saturday, June 26, 2010


受苏门答腊风飑(Sumatra squall)影响,昨天早上的这场雨, 造成了全岛多处树倒水淹,豪雨导致武吉知马路、汤申路、马里士他路、旧机场路、樟宜路、直落古楼路等地区积水,有些地区水淹至膝。



Thursday, June 24, 2010


Mr. Bean sent a letter to Bill Gates:

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

I've bought a computer for my home and I've found some problems, which I want to bring to your notice:

1. There is a button 'Start' but there is no 'Stop' button. I request you to please check this.

2. One doubt is, whether any 'Re-scooter' is available in system...? Because I find only 'Re-cycle', as I own only a scooter.

3. I recently learnt 'Microsoft Word', now I want to learn 'Microsoft Sentence'. So, when will you provide that?

4. There is 'Microsoft Office', but what about 'Microsoft Home' since I use this at home only.

5. One personal question, how is it that your name is 'Gates' but you are selling 'Windows' instead of 'Doors'...??!!

Awaiting your kind reply soon.

With best regards,
Mr. Bean

Monday, June 21, 2010


父亲节我们全家出动去“吃桌”,在宴会上和久违了的堂哥堂姐,还有表哥表姐们凑在一起,我们无所不谈,这个婚宴让大家聚在一起过父亲节。 呵呵!这个小可爱是我的侄女,我给她取了个外号叫“肉肉”, 她一看到我就会喊我“糖姑姑”,她比我还会吃哦!看看她的莲藕手就知道。。。