Saturday, September 27, 2008

北海道之旅 - Sashimi 午餐

Had our Sashimi lunch at the famous Japanese sushi restaurant Fuji Zushi.

Assorted Sashimi set (5000 yen)

Sea Urchin/Abalone rice (2000 yen)

This set is order by the friends that we met during this trip (can share share ma...)

北海道之旅 - Kamui Misaki

Cape Kamui at the west end, is the most difficult place to navigate in Japan. A coastal road along the entire peninsula has newly opened, and now it become a new tourist spot.

北海道之旅 - 神仙沼 Shinsen Marsh

北海道之旅 – "硫黄池" Oyunuma

You can walk around the sightseeing trail if you can stand the smell of the Sulphur (very smelly)

Friday, September 26, 2008

北海道之旅 - MaxValu Supermarket

This supermarket located in the town of Kutchan, offering reasonable prices, it has a huge parking space and it's free.

北海道之旅 - Fukidashi Park

The fresh spring water that flow from Mt Yotei (Mt Fuji of Hokkaido) was selected in 1985 as one of the "100 Best Water in Japan" by the Japanese Environment Agency, it famous is the spring water that gushes out forming a mini water fail. Visitors can bring their own containers to fill up the water and take it home with them.

北海道的冰淇淋之家 Hokkaido ice-cream

Stop over at Lake Hill Farm for some of Hokkaido's best ice-cream, this farm also offers one of the best views of Mt. Yotei (Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido) and it has a mini animal farm for children.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

北海道之旅 - 昭和新山 Mt Showa Shinzan

This mountain located above sea level 406.9 meters was formed by an elevation caused by the earthquake on 28Dec1943 from a flat wheat field to its current height of 290 meters between 1943 and 1945, is one of Japan's youngest mountains and it still venting sulfurous fumes today.


北海道之旅-西山火口散策路 Nishiyama Crater Trail

An eruption volcano craters formed by the eruption of Mt Usuzan on 31Mar2000 at 1.08pm.

这个小镇在2000年 3月31日下午1.08分的地震中给塌陷了。现在这里已成为旅游景点。身为游客的我,对于这小镇所发生的种种记载,感触良多,只觉得自己应该感恩能到此一游,亲眼目睹这一切 (大自然的超能力是多么的可怕)。

北海道的廁所文化 Million Dollar Toilet

Boyo Nakayama road station

这座百万元建造的休息站, 里头有快餐店, 餐馆, 精品店等等..., 应有尽有, 旁边还有一间大超市, 停车免费,里头几乎所有吃的都可试吃, 还包括酒类呢, 我们在上了厕, 逛了一圈, 也品尝了一些食物 (是试吃啦!), 买了些水果后又继续赶路。在此, 我只能说, 日本的"试吃"文化很大方

This 1.6 million US dollars log house, equipped with shops and restaurants, beside the station is a supermarket, you may try out the free samples readily available here.

左边男厕 Male - Left

边女厕 Female - Right
Interior of the toilet 廁所內的装潢

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

北海道之旅 - Hoheikyo Dam

这一天的早上在前往Hoheikyo Dam 的途中, 负责人打电话要我们帮忙找回另一车队的友人遗留在Hoheikyo Dam 厕所里的相机, 起初我的直觉告诉我, 凶多吉少, 一定是找不回的了, 但却很意外的在售票的柜台处, 鸡同鸭讲的给找回了。 过后, 友人连声道谢, 因为相机具有纪念性, 失而复得, 我也替他们感到高兴。

北海道之旅 - Mt Moiwa

Visit Mt Moiwa for an impressive view of Sapporo City

北海道之旅 - Memorial Park